Portuguese Vocabulary/National Holidays and other useful information

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PORTUGESE VOCABULARY - very useful when you visit.  Many Portuguese speak English as they learn English at school but it is courteous to speak a few words of Portuguese.

• Bom dia (Good morning)

• Obrigado (Thank you)

• Sim/Não (Yes/no)

• Se faz favor (Please)

and most definitely, Quanto custa? (How much does it cost?).

What is Fado? It means fate, and it's the soulful national song style of Portugal. We recommend you take in a Fado show, perhaps at Café Luso, located in the romantic Bairro Alto district, Lisbon. 

Public Holidays:
  2011 2012
New Year's Day 1 Jan 1 Jan
Carnival / Mardi Gras 8 Mar 21 Feb
Good Friday 22 Apr 6 Apr
Easter Sunday 24 Apr 8 Apr
Easter Monday 25 Apr 9 Apr
Liberty Day 25 Apr 25 Apr
Labour Day 1 May 1 May
Camoes / National Day 10 Jun 10 Jun
Corpus Christi 23 Jun 7 Jun
St Anthony's Day 13 Jun 13 Jun
St John's Day 24 Jun 24 Jun
Assumption of the Virgin Mary 15 Aug 15 Aug
Republic Day 5 Oct 5 Oct
All Saints' Day 1 Nov 1 Nov
Restoration Day / Youth Day 1 Dec 1 Dec
Immaculate Conception 8 Dec 8 Dec
Christmas Day 25 Dec 25 Dec

Holidays falling on a Sat or Sun are not observed on the following Monday.

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